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Group riding Etiquette

Larry DenBaum

The Gentlemen’s and Ladie’s Guide to Group riding Etiquette


Ride single file when cars are present.

Only pass other riders on the left, and always call out when passing! (”On your left”!)

Be extremely careful whenever passing going downhill.

From the back, call all cars back.

From the front, and for all riders, call out road obstacles like: holes, rough road, debris, etc…

Pay attention at all times, know when a light is ahead, stop sign, etc. When going through a stop sign or light, call out “going through”. Do not say clear. Let the person in back of you make the decision to go through for themselves.

Call out, and signal with your left hand, when you are slowing down or stopping.

Make use of proper hand signals, and use as frequently as you can-for the benefit of the other riders and the cars.

Do not pass the ride leader unless the ride leader gives you permission.

Be a team rider!

Do not sign up for rides that you cannot handle. It’s not fair to the group.

If you are riding an E-Bike, ride the same pace as everyone else. Do not purposely pass others because of the extra power.

E-Bike Ride leaders need to know how to ride the level that is posted for the ride. This can be tricky because of the power of the E-Bike.

E-Bike Riders should not go up the hills extremely fast and pass everyone.

E-Bike Riders need follow all of the etiquette above as well.


Compiled by Larry Denbaum, Ride Chair