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The Huntington Bicycle Club, NY

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Bicycle, Pedestrian, Car and.... PEOPLE's safety


Please copy this email, sign Your Name and send it to the State Assemblyman and Senator who are both sponsoring the bill:

Put the following in the subject: SENATE 3602 & ASSEMBLY 6984 2023/2024


Dear Sen. Mannion and Assemblyman Stern:


HBCLI - Huntington Bicycle Club of Long Island wants accountability and consequence for bicyclists injured and killed on Long Island roads. The injuries and deaths are staggering in epidemic numbers and we need action now to reduce the amount of crashes occurring.

Bicyclists are severely injured and killed almost daily in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Additionally, there are numerous hit and run accidents which compound the problem. Drivers are facing little or no charges for severe injury or death to bicyclists. This legislation would increase charges against drivers who have had their licenses suspended, have no insurance, or are driving a stolen vehicle.

Please prioritize this legislation as it is in dire need.

Thank you for restoring bicycle, pedestrian, car and.... PEOPLE's safety..



HBCLI - Huntington Bicycle Club of Long Island

email to: Assemblyman Steve Stern and Senator John Mannion: